Why have I been so slack with updates?
I've been SICK!
The fluid in which my brain is meant to be happily swimming leaks out down my spine somewhere.  Result is brain hurts, body wants to be horizontal, self feels utterly exhausted and frustrated in similar measures.....
Best chance to fix is to inject blood around spine in hope it will find and plug holes - also raise low fluid pressure a bit...
So I'm in hospital having had another of these 'blood patches'.  They hurt a bit, but the worst bit is actually after when I have to lie flat for a week - might sound enticing, but quickly becomes achey and un-fun.
Have now escaped home from horstipal so a few pics coming...
Sidebar; if you have read earlier posts you will know about death of darling dog Bess a few months ago.  A wonderful friend gave me black tulip bulbs at the time - so now I have a divine bunch of Bessie memorial flowers to enjoy.
Blood patching is Not an operation; is a Sterile Procedure - hence the masks; or I could claim they are to protect privacy if confronted!  My unnecessary privacy is amply provided by large sterile drape centre stage.
As it happens I  most wistfully imagine darling Sajou on my lap; if only...
Bridget Waldron
20/10/2013 05:34:30 pm

Black tulips for Bess. Get well Katya. Life is short.

14/2/2023 08:20:22 pm

Get well soon. Hope all is good!


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