As a perennial horror show, I often find myself feeling somewhat lacklustre; however spring is a wondrous truth that must be acknowledged even so - so here is my lacklustre tribute to the first signs of spring 
Some of the laydees on their afternoon walk around the garden
Proof they are pets with benefits!  Spring has arrived in the egg production department; hurrah!
Took this a few days ago; is now a mass of flowers....
Spring is sprunging everywhere!
Hap-play doggies in the front paddock
Sunshine, puppy and wine - aaah!
New life....
Introducing Sajou; my baby girl :-)       (It's yoghurt)
Spring means love, and this young man has Uncle She in deep.  Introducing Noah.
Seneca has a number of choices; but this was the one he made!!
Grant and his divine new love - the divinely yellow miss minge.  Please note the accesorising with purple kilt and beribboned purple floral vinyl waistcoat

14/2/2023 08:24:03 pm

I love spring season.


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